Problems to Unlock?

First I would like to explain why such downloads be blocked:
It’s been over a year since our team has been developing applications and hacks for many games and at beggining, we let the people downloads it for free, but manyof them abused of the tools and the owners of the games ended up patching the way we was doing. Now we use the blockers, our applications last much longer, which is good for us  and for you who use it.


Q: Why I would do any Survey??

A: Read Above.


Q: Is this a virus?

A: Of course, no. Why we would want to spread virus? We just want to everybody have fun with our tools.


Q: I can’t complete any survey! How I do that?

A: All those offer are very easy to do. But you need to know how, what, and when it’s completed. There’s some kinds of offer:

Email Submit: Those surveys, you only need to write your email on the first page, and sometimes, your ZIP. For those, you don’t need to put your main email, but your ZIP need to be right. You can google a ZIP and an andress if you don’t want to use yours. But don’t worry, they will not go search you at your home!

Download: Those are the most easy to complete. All you need to do is to donwload and install the program. After complete this kind of offer, you can UNISTALL this program. We recomend you do complete those kind of survey!

PIN Submit: Those offers only need you to put a PIN/CODE that they will send to your cellphone.

 Tips: Sometimes, especially in Email/ZIP Submit, you already completed the survey, but keeps popping pages to fill in. Pay attention to the url of the first pages! When you see that changed, look for SKIP buttons and click them and once in a while, see if the page already unlocked, only but your info on pages that don’t have skips buttons!

Example to Unlock:

Click on a download offer, for this example this is GetFunGames – Sonic

On this page, click Free Download.


Check the locked page and download your generator!

Another Example:

This is a Email Form Submit: RP – Cheerios Sample

Write your email and submit.

Fill this form and submit

If theres a skip button, click.